Re: Ford Fiesta 2005 Diesel losing power

sirgeoffrey@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi there,

I wonder if someone can help me please.

I have a 1.4l Ford Fiesta TDCi (05 plate). It was serviced in May and
passed its MOT last week.

However, there is a problem in that it keeps losing power.

When I leave home I get about 1 mile down the road (doing 20-30mp in
2nd or 3rd) and it feels like I am taking my foot off the accelerator
- even though I am not. The loses power for a second or so and then
comes back on. This will happen four or five times. When I get on the
dual carriageway or motorway and get up to 60 or 70mph it does not
happen (so far).

When I get off the motorway and slow down to around 20-30mph it
happens again.

Twice the engine has cut out completely and I have had to turn the
ignition off and then on again to restart the engine.

I'm afraid that I know nothing about engines so will have to rely on a
mechanic to fix this and I want to be able to make some useful
suggestions, rather than pay to replace parts that don't need

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated


Carl S, Oxford, UK

air leak in the fuel system would be my first thought.