02 Fiat Doblo 1.9 JTD ELX - Cambelt Interval?

Can anyone tell me when the cambelt is due on a 2002 Fiat Doblo 1.9 JTD ELX? Parkers says it's a 100bhp model. Also, what kinda price should I expect the belt change to cost - and what parts aside from the belt are required/recommended, such as tensioners, rollers, waterpump etc?

I'd be very grateful if anyone knew for sure as, I'd look in the manual but it's a second hand car we're looking at because it has a wheelchair ramp conversion already done, so I don't have access to the manual yet. I could ring him to check the book for me on Monday, but we're looking at another as well, so it may well be a factor in which we choose, if it has a grands worth of belt change to do once we got it home or something.

It's done 35k miles now and is about 6 years old - my first thought was that it could be over the interval if it was 5 years, cos that seems quite common, but having had my Google mojo completely fail me, I throw myself open to the group!

Dan B
Clio R27