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Some cars, including BMW E34 SE's, have heated washer jets.

Very fancy :) ... I shall unplug my 12v hair drier from the
12v cig light socket and buy a BMW hehe

You could do worse. 10 year old plus BMW's are as cheap as
Less than 1k could buy a tidy rust free example in good
mechanical condition with toys like a/c or climate control,
cruise control, heated w/s jets, heated electric door mirrors,
leather etc, and strangely enough, Bosch windscreen wiper
blades are cheaper than those for your Golf.

Sounds nice, there must be a downfall somewhere. What are they
like to run cost wise\servcing ? I like BMW's but know
absolutely nothing about them.

The only ones I know anything about are the older 6 cylinder 5
series (the 6cyl BMW engines are virtually bulletproof) I have a
'94 525i E34, and a '96 528i E39. Overall the older E34 is in
better condition, and IMO has slightly the better build quality.
Neither have any signs of body rusting, and the seats and
interiors show little signs of wear. Although both have done over
150k miles, the engines are quiet, and don't use or lose any oil
between oil changes. They are mechanically sound, apart from a
rattle on startup from the E34 VANOS unit (controls the variable
valve timing) I'm hoping it wont cost too much to fix.

Servicing costs from an independant are no worse IMO than they
are for any other car. There's nothing special about their needs.
Pattern parts like pads and discs are quite cheap, and equally as
good as genuine ones as long as they are from a reputable

I've had the E34 for about 4 years and the E39 for about 2
Apart from oil changes, and normal service items like tyres,
pads, front discs, the E34 has been cheap to run, with no faults,
apart from the one mentioned. Even with that one. Once the engine
has run for a couple of minutes, the rattle disappears
The E39 has had new rear discs, pads and handbrake shoes fitted,
plus a suspension bush, and a new auxiliary a/c fan, Cost about
£420 including labour.

Insurance can be quite high unless one has a few years NCD. I pay
about £250 fully comp for each for the 2 I have, but that's with
maximum discount.
Fuel consumption is in the low to mid 30's on m/ways. At
70-80mph, and in the low 20's around town.

Bearing in mind the low depreciation, compared to that that of a
new or nearly new car. Even one that has much better fuel
consumption, and lower insurance rates. I think they are very
good value. Cheap motoring at it's best.
All the luxury and comfort of a quality car, without
the value dropping hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds in
depreciation in the first couple of years or so.

And they are nice to drive. Even my '94 525i is much smoother and
quieter than my wifes 2000 Toyota Corolla which she's had from
new, and has only done 29k miles. Main dealer serviced all it's

Taking everything into account. Depreciation, servicing, repairs
etc, her car has cost more than all of mine during the 8 years she's
had it.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for taking the time to shae that with me. Its been very
helpful I think I might try out a BMW and do some more reserach into
a particular model whilst I earn a fe wmore years no claims to help
make it more affordable.

I'd love something a bit more powerful than the mk4 golf 1.6 which is
to be fair a nice enough car but not that fast at accelertating. Its
been my first car so my next one will something less heavy and
something with a small common problem list lol :)

What about an Ariel Atom in that case?