Re: BMW - Faulty switch/wiring for hazards and central locking ?

John wrote:
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I have an E46 BMW 320d auto '03 plate.

In the centre console there is the handbrake, next to it a coin tray with roller shutter cover, and forward of that is the auto shift lever. Mounted in the console, between the coin tray and the shift lever, are two buttons side by for the hazard lights and the other (un)locks the central locking.

The other day I got in the car and found that neither of these buttons now works. So I cannot operate my hazards, and cannot lock the car all round from the inside.

I've decided that the buttons don't 'feel' right when I try to operate them, but that may just be my imagination(?).

So I reckon that either a fuse has blown, or a connector come unplugged, or the switch unit has come apart under the console panel.

I had a look at the fuses and following the info panel I haven't found a blown fuse that might be related to these circuits.

So I decided I wanted to take the switch unit out. But the unit appears to be well mounted into the panel (possibly from behind?), so it doesn't look like you can spring it out from the front.

I also removed the plastic moulding that contains the coin tray, but that still doesn't get you access to the rear of the switch unit.

I would like to get access inside the console, behind the switch unit, to see if it has come apart or a connector come off. If anyone knows how to get in there I would really like to know. If of course you know it is likely to be some other cause, I would be keen to know that too.

Many thanks


I guess it is possible that the mechanism has got gummed up and has jammed. What about getting some Servisol Switch Cleaner / Lubricant (Maplins) and spray it down the gap in the buttons? joy :0(