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My wife has just poured a 250ml bottle of STP injector
cleaner into a full tank of diesel. Then reading the bottle,
she noticed it was for petrol engines and phoned me
from the garage..

Will it will damage engine ?
Or should we get the tank drained.

Isn't this just vastly over priced kerosene in a fancy bottle ?

I wonder if some of the high price (apart from marketing mark-up) for
what is 95% paraffin, is tax as its to be used in a road vehicle. Do you
think the company making it would have to pay tax as if it was fuel sold
at the pumps? I get the feeling the government would not let this one get
past them?

If it were, 250ml would attract about 13p of fuel duty. So I think it
counts as pretty much irrelevant.

Times millions of bottles sold. Try telling the taxman that. I'd happily
have the income at 0.1p per bottle (£1000 per million sold).



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