Re: ford fiesta engine warning light

"fritz" <fritzteal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My ford fiesta engine warning light stays on constantly. The manual
just advises me to take it to a ford dealer. I spoke with one who said
it was probably a faulty sensor or the computer needs resetting.

You clearly spoke with an idiot! :o) The engine malfunction light does
usually mean that there's a duff sensor, but if you reset the ECU with a
problem, the warning light will re-illuminate.

By plugging in a diagnostics computer to the Fiesta it can give you the
fault code. Then you can figure out what's up with the engine, fix it, and
the light will go out.

car is a 51 plate very low mileage and is running fine.

Even so you need to have it looked at. It may not be running fine but in
your use, you may not notice a difference. If you do a lot of cold running,
city trips and your oxygen sensor has failed, you probably won't notice the
difference of it running extra rich - but it could knacker the car's cat.

Could it be serious? Should I get ford, (is there an alternative), for
a fee of coarse, to check it out?

It could be serious or it could be something simple and cheap. You can take
it anywhere where they have an OBD-II diagnostics system (as a blatent plug,
I have one as a private individual, because I'm nerdy like that: shows the system attached to our Ka).

Be aware that many places charge a diagnostics fee, somewhere between £25
and £40, which can be a rip off if all they say is "it's code <blah>."
Whilst there's never any certainty with such things - a single fault code is
more an idea about the problem in some respects - some places charge the
£40, replace the exact sensor that appears to be duff, that doesn't cure it,
charge another £40, replace... so on and so forth. You need somebody with
the experience of understanding what a certain fault code can mean to a
certain engine...

You can also ask that if they do the repair, they'll rebate the diagnostics

The DervMan