Mondeo starter motor removal

Anyone changed the starter motor on a 1.8 petrol ’97 Mondeo and care to give some advice?

Haynes make it sound easy (been here before):
Remove air mass meter and resonator to enable
top 2 mounting bolts to be removed.

Under the car to disconnect the wiring to the
starter/solenoid and then remove third mounting bolt
to free the starter.
Reverse procedure to refit.

Now I can get the mounting bolts out but it is removing the wiring that is the problem. Access from below is very tight but I have removed the two 13mm nuts I can see on the back of the solenoid. There is a black shroud/connector here terminating three black wires, two heavy and one thin. The shroud doesn’t want to come off. Do I lever the shroud back off the back of the solenoid or is there something else to do to get it off? A bit concerned that brute force at this point will snap the plastic and it will turn out to be an essential item. All this isn’t helped by a tie bar in the way that looks as if it may stop the starter being taken out from below.

Jon McD