Re: Identify the culprit ?

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> Yes I think you are right, probably the female, and if it survives it
> should nest there next year,
> Bob
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>>>> Having failed to use our webcammed birdbox for a nest, a bird now
>>>> appears to have started to use it as a toilet !. Just started in the
>>>> last 2 days.
>>>> Anyone identify the culprit from the evidence ?
>>>> Could it be roosting in there overnight ?
>>>> picture at
>>>> webcam is now on to capture an image of the culprit :O)
>>> Could it be a Coal Tit?
>>> Bob
>> I think it's a blue tit, arrived in the box this evening and is sleeping
>> in there !
>> pictures on website as above.
>> Thanks

I think it will be a male. If you look at the one pictures in my box at you will see that he would
leave droppings in the box every day. Once a female had accepted his
propositioning, she was the one that removed each dropping. I understood
that it is generally the male that selects a suitable 'home' and tries to
entice a female to use it.
I am surprised to see a rooster at this time of year. My one didn't move in
till December, last year.

Dave Hall, Llangwm, Pembrokeshire.
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