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You can rip a CD perfectly using a PC CD-ROM drive and the right
software, which gives you an error-free wav copy of the signal.

So you reckon you'd be able to reliably tell that apart from the same or
another CD of that material from a CD player in a live A-B comparison?.

With a good sound card in the PC, and against an average CD player,
the difference is surprisingly stark. (but, of course, idiots on this
group will claim otherwise.)

Your assertion is rather ambiguous or vague for various reasons.

Firstly, since your posting was in two groups it wasn't clear which group
you were calling "idiots". :-)

Secondly, your carefully preload your response by limiting it to comparing
"good" sound cards with "average" CD players. Since you've not defined here
the meaning of either qualifier you can simply choose to define "good" and
"average" to mean "can be distinguished" - so making your assertion
self-referentially "true" even if one category or the other were actually
void of members. :-)

Thirdly, you can also be self-referentially be defining "idiot" to mean "no
one in reality". So maybe just playing word-games to use rhetoric in place
of you having any actual checkable evidence.

Forthly, you omit to give any assessible evidence of your claim. Making an
assertion that you can do something is one thing. Providing evidence that
others can check that you *can* do what you claim - when you only have the
sound to go on - is something entirely different.

Perhaps you could list the names of some of the "idiots" on the group you
had in mind, and give references to postings where they claimed a "good"
soundcard *couldn't* be distinguished from an "average" one. Note the
inclusion of the qualifiers you used.

BTW Tony, did you xpost this just to expose the sweeping assertion? I can't
see the context for it having much to do with the thread title.... IIRC
'jamie' seems to have a history of making dubious claims on the digital-tv
group... or am I confusing him with some "idiot"?... :-)



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