Re: Quad 34 Problem

Phil Allison wrote:
"Mike Coatham"
Rob wrote:
Phil Allison wrote:
Seems amazing value - labour fixed at £48 plus VAT whatever needs doing, plus parts. Last time I took something in for repair to a local place it cost £50 just for them to look at it.
Sorry, for clarity. Seems amazing value to me based on my experience of getting stuff fixed, not anyone else.

** Return to factory service is NOTHING like what your local repair tech has to do in order to fix something.

For one, the factory generally has the needed PCBs, on hand, aplenty.

For another, they will not bother attempting the time consuming, highly skilled job of diagnosing exactly which components are faulty - but rather will have low skilled " monkeys " swap PCBs about until it goes again.

I'll be disappointed when they do that Phil. I have no experience of dealing direct with Quad or any manufacturer. The issue is - they'd be pretty stupid to try it on. They ask for no money up front - they give a quote. I can say yes or no.
Phil of course is so far off the mark it is laughable.

** What I posted is precisely correct.

Quad service dept isn't staffed by low skilled "monkeys"

** My post does not even mention Quad.

See below....

Try learning to read sometime - you arrogant pile of kiwi shit.

Phil, you should heed your own advice ...........the subject is "Quad 34 problem". Rob's reply specifically mentioned the (Quad) labour costs. Your response was directly below that.
Just to re-iterate - we are discussing repairs to a Quad 34.

Lastly Phil, maybe you should read this:

This article raises some interesting issues - if you don't hold the requisite qualifications - isn't any repair work you do illegal?

As a general comment to Rob and others reading this, I can confirm that despite Phil's comments to the contrary, the Quad service staff DO diagnose to component level, they DO use factory jigs to sit the boards on to assist in fault finding if required, and they also DO use computer based testing on completion to ensure all factory specs are met. I have seen it myself.