Re: So what are the best Chinese valve amps???

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We had an amp shootout in the London Audiocircle
tonight and had a chance to hear 5 chinese amps.

A pair of Bez T3B 300b SETs sounded the best of the
lot, and by some margin.

What speakers did you use in the comparison?

Don't know - two way box on stilts. Dynaudio clone
probably. Seemed to do the job well.

I would be interested also to know what kind of music
was auditioned. SET makes an excellent job of a small
range of material, which dealers always use in demos:
vocal and piano, string quartet etc. Listen to Duke
Ellington or Mike Westbrook and you will probably be
*very* disappointed.

Good point. I listened to a ton of SETs at HE2005 and
found exactly what you describe.

*Ton* of SETs you say...??

Wot? - Are they becoming *popular* or summat??

People trying to sell them were plentiful. Nobody with a pair of ears and an
idea of what large-format music sounds like would ever buy one. Most of the
SETsters were playing solo works.