Re: Access to St Pancras by car

On 9 Oct, 14:36, Steve Broadbent <st...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am travelling down to St Pancras next week and I haven't been there
for several years. my host is meeting me at the station in his car.

The last time I was there cars travelling east along Euston Road could
turn left into the St Pancras forecourt and drop off/pick up either (I
forget which) under the archway leading to the ticket office, or
directly in front of the hotel building.

I bet this has changed radically with all the building?

What is the best point for such a rendezvous now, might it be better if
I went and stood (on the pavement) on Midland Road? Or is there an easy-
to-get-to pick up point in the new set-up. Ideally somewhere I can stand
that the driver can easily get to, and away from, and where he will see
me easily without having to go round again, or get a ticket!!

(And yes, I have insisted I get myself away from central London to be
met there, but my host insists even harder!!)

Thanks in advance

OK, I know the area and can help a bit.Might help tp take a look at
this map - though note that it doesn;t show any of the road closures
at all.

There's no drop-off or pick up point on Euston Road for St Pancras
station, the whole length of Midland Road is closed and the Pancras
Road junction with Euston Road is effectively closed (I think it's
open for buses and taxis only in the southbound direction).

Pancras Road does host a taxi drop-off point, I'm not 100% certain but
am pretty sure that Pancras Road south of Battle Bridge Road is
restricted to taxis and buses only. Additionally Pancras Road between
Battle Bridge Road and the Goods Way/ Camley Street junction is
currently closed.

However you can get to Battle Bridge Road from Goods Way via Haul Road
(and in turn you can get to Goods Way from York Way). There are two
public car parks in this area - one pay-and-display underneath St
Pancras station which is rather hidden and is accessed via Battle
Bridge Road and then crossing over Pancras Road. The other is easier -
it's at the eastern end of Battle Bridge Road, and is pay-on-exit.

Only the latter is listed on the NCP website - it's not possible to
link directly to the results but you can search the 'Car Park finder'
yourself via:
(doesn't display correctly in the Firefox browser BTW)

I'm pretty sure the prices on the NCP website don't exactly tally with
those actually charged, but there's not a big difference.

And - here's the useful bit - whilst there is nothing to indicate this
on the website, you can use the car park for up to 30 minutes *for
free*. This was definitely the case less than a month ago when I
passed through the area and checked the sign at the car park. Next
time I pass by I'll get a photo to prove this!

Otherwise your host could mill around the side streets then come and
pick you up from Goods Way or Battle Bridge Road (there is a mini-
roundabout at the western end of Battle Bridge Rd at the junction with
Pancras Road which is big enough to comfortably turn a car around).

There might well be pay-and-display bays in the Somers Town side
streets such as Charrington St and Purchese St, which can only be
accessed off Pancras Road via Chenies Place (there are lots of blocked
off roads in Somers Town to prevent rat-running). Also I know for
certain that the parking restrictions only apply in these streets
between 8:30am and 6:30pm monday to friday, which probably is of no
help at all.

What I don't know about is whether Chalton St and Ossulton St (west of
the British Library) might be any good. Obviously there will be
parking restrictions here as well, but I don't know whether there are
any pay-and-display bays or what the deal is with regards to accessing
these streets. I'm pretty sure you can get on to them when going
eastbound on Euston Road, but probably not when going westbound. Which
would mean it likely that you'd have to turn left and travel east when
coming off these streets onto Euston Road.

Or you could get picked up from a street south of Euston Rd, such as
Judd St or a side street - though these are all in the congestion
charge zone if that makes any difference. Bidborough Street might be a
good idea (east of Judd St it is one-way in the easterly direction,
but west of Judd St it is two-way).