Re: Saver Returns to the Isle of Wight?

Jonathan Stott wrote:

> Should I have been able to get a Saver Return and if so, would I be able
> to claim back the difference in the fares from buying separate tickets?

>>From the Fare Manual

(page D25)

Permitted Through Fares

Some through fares to destinations on the Isle of Wight via
Wightlink shipping services may be shown in Sections B and
C of the National Fares Manual but through tickets may be
issued by adding the amounts below to fares to/from
Portsmouth Stns of all Train Operators.

Open Return tickets are available for all journeys. For travel
wholly within the London & South East area Open Return
prices are double the single ticket price.

Whilst technical problems within APTIS mean that through
Saver fares to the Isle of Wight are not provided from
stations within the former Network Area, these are available
through TRIBUTE and RJIS. Through Savers may be issued
wherever a Saver fare exists for the mainland rail journey to
Portsmouth Stns, either by manually calculating from the
add-ons, or obtaining these from RJIS. It will be necessary to
manually input the fare, however.

Wightlink offer a reduced rate 'Half Day Return' to Ryde Pier
Head on all sailings from 1200 hrs onwards. Day Return
customers may therefore benefit by re-booking at
Portsmouth for all sailings after midday.

To calculate the fare to/from Isle of Wight stations use the
fare in Section C of the NFM to/from Portsmouth Stns plus:

Add-on Amounts

Ryde Esplanade 5542 & Ryde St Johns Rd 5543
£7.90-Single (FOS, FDS, SOS, SDS)
£11.50-Day Return to Island (FDR,SDR, CDR)
£9.10-Day Return from Island (FDR,SDR, CDR)
£15.80-Period Return (All types)
Smallbrook Junction 5494 & Brading 5530
£9.30-Single (FOS, FDS, SOS, SDS)
£13.40-Day Return to Island (SDR, CDR)
£11.00-Day Return from Island (SDR, CDR)
£18.60-Period Return (All types)
Sandown 5525, Lake 5504, & Shanklin 5529
£10.10-Single (FOS, FDS, SOS, SDS)
£14.20-Day Return to Island (FDR, SDR, CDR)
£11.80-Day Return from Island (FDR, SDR, CDR)
£20.20-Period Return (All types)