MAN[B&W] press release -> Paxman VP185 relevant

Press release from MAN[B&W] - the company that own the Paxman and
Ruston (former English Electric) and Mirrlees diesel engines names, not
much traction related, as RK280 is essentially the marine engine, until
you get the very end . . .


English engine production focuses on the RK280

Augsburg / Stockport 1st August, 2005. Engine manufacturer MAN B&W Ltd,
located in Stockport (England), will in future be focusing on extended
service business and on the production of the new RK280 engine series.
The MAN B&W Diesel Group's English site introduced measures to
improve competitiveness at the beginning of April, which included
optimising of the production facilities and the product line. As the
new Head of Development, Dr. Franz Koch will be moving from the
Augsburg headquarters to Stockport. He will be supported by a team
based in Augsburg. Apart from development, assembly and testing, the
focus of the activities at the Stockport plant will be purchasing and
logistics for the series. Deliveries of the first RK280 models to the
market have already commenced.

Parts production, together with the manufacturing of spare parts for
the other English series such as the RK215, VP185, RK270 and the older
engine models from Mirrlees-Blackstone, Paxman and Ruston, will be
managed by the MAN B&W Diesel Group's production network in Germany,
France and UK. This ensures that MAN B&W Diesel Ltd will be able to
continue offering its customers a full spectrum of services and spare
parts. Wayne Jones has been brought on board as the new head of the
service division. He previously worked at Sulzer Pumps in Leeds,
England, as Director of Customer Support Services. In his role as
Deputy Managing Director, he will extend the service and spare parts
business and align the entire entity with customer needs.

The machine tools at the Stockport plant will be taken over by the
Korean STX Group, who thereby deepens a licensing partnership with the
MAN B&W Diesel Group of many years' standing. In the STX plants in
Korea and China the machine tools will produce components for ship
engines, that STX is manufacturing under MAN B&W Diesel license. The
transfer will commence in January 2006.

Discussions are currently underway with potential partner firms
regarding the continuation of the high-speed diesel engine series
VP185, RK215 and RK270.


Reads as if the Paxman VP185 rights may be up for grabs - along with
the RK270 (only ever used in traction in 37905/37906) and RK215 (used
in Alstom Belfort built diesel locos for world market u.e. Iran, Syria,
and others)

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