Re: Wasting Water By The Pound

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Yes but it's difficult to export water you see...

Duh. So that means we can waste it all.

It's a total waste of money (ours), energy and water. Water distribution
usage in this country is absolutely crazy. We all pay water rates so
can top water lawns with spinklers, etc. Crazy.

We pay taxes so some people can sit at home and refuse to work. That is
crazy. However, when someone complains you moan.

Oh, and people with sprinklers tend to be on meters these days so pay for
what they use.

The smart people are on meters anyway, my water bill when I moved into this
house (1997) was huge, until I got a meter. It took years for it to rise to
the old level- in fact (allowing for inflation) I doubt if it has. I must
have saved a fortune.