Re: "Vintage" 2m SSB Portables

Ooops premature post got sent!

On Jul 13, 3:39 pm, The Puppetmaster <punkbisc...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I got it going and then wondered why - what a piece of
crap !

Was this a standard 290 or did it have the internal muTek
pre-amp/filter board?


My Baofeng has a better rx.

In what way?

With the Baofeng you do at least have to use
the VFO to listen to different frequencies.

With an FT290 you didn't need to ;-)

And the signal handling was very poor.

The Baofeng has a barn door front end,
but doesn't really suffer at all in daily use
(when used as a handy) and has decent
sensitivity and in band selectivity.

FT290 was just a xtal set with a frequency counter ;-)