Re: GSM hacked... BUGGER!

"Chronos" <me3@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Brian Reay wrote:

So Matt, your confabulation is unraveled.

Oh good grief, thank you for the pointer to that thread. It wasn't you and
now recall what happened. Confusion, more like, but I really should be
sure before I open my mouth.

An apology would be nice.

Sure, Brian, you have one, with deepest sincerity:

Thank you for reviewing and pointing out my error in saying you tried to
grab the chair. It wasn't you and I apologise unreservedly.

Oddly, for something so sensitive, there is no mention what-so-ever of
this validation number business, in fact there is evidence that it could
never have been considered (as SWLs wouldn't have one but were welcome to

Do some more digging please, Brian. This did happen, it's not a
nor is there any malicious intent. Some of my arguments were similar to
yours and the only reason I mentioned it was to explain my actions at that

I have thrown James an e-mail to see if his memory of events is any
I agree to abide by whatever he says happened, although I can also
understand if he doesn't want to rake it all up again.

I also can't blame you for doubting, since I've got almost everything else
muddled up.

Thank you Matt, matter closed.