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Locally we've had a yob who attacked someone
(he admitted to common assault), now he (and his parents) are griping
because his "prints" and DNA have been taken. Well, he will just have to
behave in future. If he didn't want to end up with these "on file" he
shouldn't have done it. Simple enough concept.

That's the problem, Brian. It is far too simple.
Your world may be black and white, the real world is an infinity of greys.
Your responses are far too knee-jerk and lack cohesion. You haven't
thought through what you are saying, in many of your simplistic
It's fortunate that you play no part in the administration of justice.

Brian really does struggle, doesn't he?

I post legal and moral dilemmas on here in response to his simplistic
view, and he never responds to them.

You are the one with the dilemma! I've no dilemma at all, disturb the peace and good order of society and you pay the price.

You spend you time trying to make a point but all you are doing is excusing those who would disrupt things.