Re: Kenwood TS430 band filter relays

Hello Ive got a TS430s I found a website that has a lot

of mods and solutions hope this is helpfull, the text below from the page on
this link

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(there is also a diagram)

- the page is quite long go almost to the bottom

from G8IFW

Quote ....

Low or intermittent receive on the TS-430S may be caused by a poor contact
on one or more of the LPF relays. In most cases the following procedure will
correct this problem without having to replace relays. The procedure has two
steps; first initial cleaning of the contact by passing a relatively high
current thru them (about 500 mA), and then installing a contact maintenance
circuit that will apply a relatively low current (about 8 mA) whenever a new
band is selected.


1.. Initial contact cleaning procedure.
Parts List:
56 ohm 5W ceramic resistor (R92-0622-05)? 2 mA

1.. Press and hold the "UP" bandswitch of the TS-430S (ensure the 1 MHz
switch is ON).
2.. Apply 13.8V DC to the antenna terminal thru a 28 ohm, 10W resistor
for approximately 1 minute. This will cycle thru all the relays and burn any
axidation/contamination from the contacts.