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On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 08:19:44 -0600, Bob Bob wrote:

Hi Dave

I regularly use to send data files to another amateur over a 60km path on
2M FM. We originally used AX25/packet at 1200bps and got between 90 and
120 bytes per second. Similar rates were obtained using the Wyman/RDFT
coding seen under the "Digtrx" SSTV software. These were
microphone/speaker connected rates rather than dedicated data or modified
radios. We did do some experiments with the RDFT software and were able to
double the xfer rate without a problem. It was a very good path, noise
free most of the time.

TTBOMK Rig Blaster is an interface device that joins your PC sound card to
the radio. ie the hardware connection. You need software to use this
hardware and there is a lot available. I dont know what a "ham pal" is.
Once you have this hardware connection an entire new world is available,
not just transferring data but examining, filtering and decoding signals.
The PC is a very good DSP device. Even have heard of a recent success in
seeing the video carrier of a VHF TV station reflected by the moon on a
spectrum analysis type display.

Note that (say) a 2Mbyte mp3 is going to take a while to xfer! Something
in the order of 6 hours. Higher data rates generally mean purpose built
radios, many beyond amateur radio regulation. Depending where you are new
allocations for wideband use on VHF/UHF of 100khz bandwidth have been
made. These promise a useful increase over the older voice bandwidth
systems. Be nice to see an interest in QPSK/QAM methods to utilize this

If you'd care to elaborate on your proposed situation, radios/freqs etc we
might be able to suggest some possibilities.

Without sending data (a file) through a packet network but purely
point-to-point as with jpegs and the sstv system. That's what I am
investigating. Is there a system to do that. Sure the bandwith is very
limited but many of us send jpegs, small mp3's, exe's, docs are no
different. Frequency? vhf and hf.

tnx bob

Cheers Bob VK2YQA

dave wrote:

I would like to send mp3's and exe's over a digital system to another
radio ham. Do any of the systems (like ham pal or rig blaster) allow or
have options for this?