The Conservatives lose World War 3

It's the Conservatives fault that we're still in the EU
propping the whole system up, in the most undemocratic
unreferendum way. And instead of finding the solution
of freedom and separation the Conservatives reckon
more undemocratic integration to be the answer.
The Euro disaster along with its mass suicides and
suffering is as much the Conservatives fault as anyone else.

And now they all want a massive freebie bailout with no strings attached
or they'll leave. This is disaster upon disaster and needs to end
asap. But its the Conservatives that ARE the problem because
they could end it straight away, least us being so tightly involved in
the disaster.

Again, we joined the so called common market to make us rich.
Not to drain us year in year out propping up/building some idealogical
fantasy country called Russia-Europe. Which the German leader
has made plain is her goal.

The Conservatives have effectively lost us and Europe, World War 3.

Osborne warns economic recovery is being killed off by crisis in the eurozone