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Even an HNC (in engineering)
would have been quite an achievement in those days at evening classes.

HNC was usually at the end of a very long sequence of courses.

CGLI craftsman's cert (two years), master craftsman's cert (final
National Certificate (two years) HNC (three years) or the first two
followed by the intermediate technological certificate cert (two years)
and the full technological certificate (three years)

That's for electrical engineering anyway.

I got my full tech when I was 24 years old...

'full tech', not a term you hear much nowadays - and what a valuable
qualification it was. None of those courses listed above were completed
days of yore without a great deal of dedication and effort.

I seem to remember you telling me I was lying about my technical
background not two weeks ago.

Changed your mind yet?

The doubts I had in the past still remain.