Re: Flash Gordon and Harriott Ha Ha

On Apr 24, 5:40 am, "John Smith" <> wrote:
The most extraordinary thing is, all this debt and more to come, has not
only bankrupted the uk but many of us too.

Think about it, the latest debt per head, probably nearer 40,000 if the
truth be known, for every man woman and child.

So a man with a wife and two kids, is in future tax debt to the tune of
160,000 in addition to his mortagage and credit cards.

So when David raises his sling shot and aims a stone at the head of fat
Flash, do we witness shame, sorrow, remorse ?


We see Flash and Harriot Ha Ha laughing or pulling smug faces, excuses
uttered in response met with adolation by the rest of the nodding dogs onthe
front benches..just watch them.

They are not showing their contempt of the opposite Benches.


Think about it !

Flush Gordon, good nick!:-)