Re: Hunt protests.

William Black wrote:

On Fri, 17 Apr 2009 12:53:25 +0100, White Spirit wrote:

One farmer pointed his loaded shotgun at one of the saboteurs of a bird
hunt (or whatever they call it). The saboteur walked up to his gun and
put two fingers into the barrels as though to plug the gun. It was like
something from an MGM cartoon.

I don;'t think they don't do that any more.

This was a while ago in Norfolk so I couldn't say whether they still disrupt shoots.

Messing with a shoot is an almost certain way to death or injury.

They shoot a proportion of their own help by accident, never mind interfering busybodies...

But it does disprove the suggestions put forward in this thread that saboteurs are cowardly and go for the easy option.