The Lady is not for Spurning

just watching BBC4 and the above program was advertised for 9pm Monday
I was about to write something about Margaret Thatcher before I saw
it, just as I was finding this group

the Thatcher Generation, those who were at school during the
undiplomatic war of 1982 and the miners' strike
have to look on that period as a gloomy look into the future where the
advantaged gained more and the rest were left to fend for themselves
in the best way that they could...

how anyone, who was not an MP with her, can respect her is beyond
thought of a normal person who had to live in those days...

In my newly published Newspaper, the Global Village News, I quite
openly say that her punishment for war crimes will be to dig coal
alongside the machines that I will develop to work at the mines that
she closed...this is after her trial when she will be held under house-
arrest with Tony Blair, in the same house, for his war crimes...I have
already handed Jack Straw, my MP, a paper detailing the punishment for

the sooner we set up the True Egalitarian Party for the coming local
elections, the better for everyone, my best mate and I are looking
forward to it...