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Phil Stovell wrote:
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Wouldn't it too be due to quality control? Confiscated product could
have anything in it as filler. Manufactures would much prefer to
have "poppy straw" of known quality. Street H would need to be
extensively and expensively tested for all known contaminates.

Why not just re-refine it? All the crap would be removed anyway.

Found this in Wikepidia

"...morphine is isolated from crude opium by being dissolved in water,
reacted with lime fertilizer such that the morphine precipitates out, and
then reacted again with ammonia. What remains is then mechanically filtered
to yield a final product of morphine weighing about 90% less than the
original quantity of opium. The morphine is reacted with acetic anhydride...
The first step is to cook the morphine at 85°C (185°F) for six hours with an
equivalent weight of acetic anhydride. In the second, a treatment of water
and hydrochloric acid then purifies the product moderately. When the
chemists add sodium carbonate, the particulates settle. Step four involves
heating the heroin in a mixture of alcohol and activated charcoal until the
alcohol evaporates. The fifth step is optional, as it only changes the
heroin into a finer white powder, more easily injectable; this so-called
"no. 4 heroin" is principally exported to the Western markets. In this last,
most dangerous step, the heroin (after being dissolved in alcohol),
precipitates out in tiny white flakes when a mixture of ether and
hydrochloric acid is injected; ...
The purity of the extracted morphine determines in large part the quality of
the resulting heroin. Most black market heroin is highly impure due to
contaminants left after refinement of opium into morphine which then remain
in the final product"

The problem is then it being cut with chemicals which may be even harder to

So I don't know which would be easier/cheaper/safer to do.
Any industrial chemists out there?



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