Re: The gospel is not stupid. Religion often is.

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| >So many athiests focus their criticism on religion, but this, (religion)
| >very often, is not the same as the gospel.
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| >The athiest my be justified in criticising certain aspects of religion,
| >calling it stupid, but will make an error if thinking that the gospel is
| >stupid. The gospel is not stupid.
| Who the hell are you, and why should anyone care what you say?

1) He's a hit-and-run Mormon.
2) He hasn't so much as given us a smidgen of a reason to do so, up to now.

All these idiots do, is tell us how stupid  they are.

What never falis to amaze me are those stupid people who quote "word
for word" saying that the bible saz this and that.

They imagine we call them names because they're Christian.

But they're stupid because they can't think outside their religion,
and are so sociopathic they can't grasp that non-Christians see the
Gospels, Christian doctrines (including God and Jesus), etc in pretty
much the same light they see the equivalents from other religions.
Like Zeus and the Greek myths. Like the Monkey god and the Chinese
myths and legends, etc.

It's hardly rocket science, but so many of them are incapable of
grasping the obvious: that others can have different but honestly held
views on a wide variety of things.

While not being intelligent enough to think beyond their delusions
that what they quote as the "word of Dog" has been translated/filtered/
twisted/revised/mutated/edited from long dead languages by various
religious zealots each with their own axe to grind over many
Why weren't the Mayan Codices preserved instead of bing destroyed by
the Xtians as works of their imaginary devil?
They, no doubt, had just as much, if not more, basis in "fact" as
another 2000 year old book of fiction, fairy tales, myths, and fables.