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"tha artist" <fake@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I can accept that after my death the cells of my body will decompose and
be reused by insects, worms, plants etc., or maybe if my body is cremated
the ash and ground up bone will be used as some sort of plant nutrient,
thereby continuing to help the food chain.
What I struggle to believe is that any sort of consciousness, or soul, if
you like, remains. The life of the planet continues, some of my dna will
remain, and mix with other dna to form new strands in future life forms. I
can accept all this, but I stand by my original statement that I'm not
worried, because I shall be dead by the time the different races have
blended, and nature has inevitably created a stronger thoroughbred, which
may be some peoples' idea of hell on earth, but is just nature doing what
it does.

Hmmm........ yes you are right, and it is all so confusing, and compounded
by my inability to explain my thoughts well. (which could be complete
bollocks in any case) I feel like a small child, trying to talk of grown up
It's the bit where your awareness (consciousness?) is owned only by you.
When you die some creature takes over a part of this one single awareness.
Just like the bodies completely change so does the awareness, but it is the
one single awareness at the centre of life. I assume that every other life
form on earth has this awareness even plants, but this can not be known for
sure. You see there will always be something at the centre of life that you
presently hold, even after you die.
So you borrow a slice of life, then pay it back, then borrow some more and
so on. So for a while you are custodian of that tiny piece of life, later
you will be custodian of another piece. You never can stay dead. Same centre
of life, but life under constant adjustment.
Like I said.... could all be bollocks and just the confused ramblings of
an old man.