Re: Is it really possible to change?

I don't get that at all. If you fear for your life that is a panic
attack, and panic attacks always end, so if you do nothing you will be
just fine.

If you feel afraid of some thing, it never ends so fear of using some
technical thing can paralyze you with fear and that fear will never
end, even if there is no harm in the thing. If I am afraid when I put
on a tiny radio it will destroy all of the electricity in the house, I
can be reassured that this will not happen, but I will still be afraid
to use the radio. Every time I think to use the radio I will see in my
mind the house not having electricity for lights and AC and I am afraid
to turn it on.
Exposure may not cure it. I may turn it on and off and see the same
horrific events in my mind the next time.
This is simply an example.
But if I feel I will die I can just ignore it, for by the time I get
to a doctor I well feel better? That makes the lesser fear more of a
crippler than the greater fear?

Assuming of course that the physical feeling and the radio feeling are
realistically groundless!