Re: Is it really possible to change?

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> The trouble is, much as I want to, I just don't believe it. I have been this
> way for as long as I can remember, certainly since my early teens, and I
> can't even imagine the possibility that I could feel differently. Which
> leads me to my question - do you really believe it is possible to change?
> Sometimes I think it would be easier if I accepted the limitations my
> problems place on my life, instead of being caught in a constant struggle to
> overcome them.
> Snuggles

Hello :))

I believe it is possible to change, to a certain extent, and 'therapy' can
certainly help - but it probably won't be quick. I think a good counsellor
could help you to get to the root of your insecurity, and help to build up
your confidence.

You can certainly write very well, and your employers seem to think that
you have what it takes to handle a bigger job.

I know that moving away from home is a daunting prospect. Would it be
practical to move in stages? For example, take 'digs' near the new job as
somewhere to eat and sleep during your working week, but go 'back home' for
weekends? That way you could get to know the new area gradually, and
maintain something of the life-style you are used to.

I do know what you mean about difficulty making friends. I have the same
problem. In my own experience, living in 'digs' or 'bedsits' can actually
help with that; you can't help but meet people <G>.

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