Re: Is it really possible to change?

"Snuggles" <snuggles2012-usenet@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I'm new here (well newish - I was a regular a few years back), and have
> recently taken a big step in trying to sort my life out.
> To try and cut a v long story short I have suffered from depression for
> many years. I think it is caused by two things. One is a major problem I
> have with making friends - I find it impossible to let people get close to
> me. The second problem is very low self esteem. I have a responsible
> professional job, but am in a constant state of anxiety and panic about
> making a fool of myself, and being found out as the useless idiot I feel I
> am.
> This all came to a head recently, as work have been encouraging me to
> apply for a promotion which would mean moving away from home. This would
> mean I would be totally isolated, as I can't make friends, and I also
> don't feel I am good enough to cope with a more demanding job. The added
> worry made me crack and I had some kind of panic attack at work.
> I have been to my GP and she suggested counselling. I have had counselling
> before, and although it was good to talk, it did nothing whatsoever to
> help me overcome these problems. So the GP has referred me to another
> counsellor who is also trained in cognitive behavioural therapy. My GP
> seems to think that all I need is to be taught techniques to help me deal
> with things I find difficult, and hey presto, all will be fine and I will
> be able to get on with my life and achieve all the things I want to
> achieve.
> The trouble is, much as I want to, I just don't believe it. I have been
> this way for as long as I can remember, certainly since my early teens,
> and I can't even imagine the possibility that I could feel differently.
> Which leads me to my question - do you really believe it is possible to
> change? Sometimes I think it would be easier if I accepted the limitations
> my problems place on my life, instead of being caught in a constant
> struggle to overcome them.
> Snuggles

This is a question I struggle with all the time. your last paragraph really
summarises how I feel. The trouble is I really struggle to accept my
problems, especially as they hurt so much.