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wtwjgc wrote:
On 04/07/2007 00:18, Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°°7 + scribbled:
wtwjgc wrote:
On 03/07/2007 23:07, Flyiñg Ñuñ 2°°7 + scribbled:
wtwjgc wrote:
Ta. That's really gonna sidetrack me now. :)
I wonder why my googling didn't show that up? :(
Even more to sidetrack you. :)
Keep you busy for an hour or so. :-D

Weh Hey!!! They,ve got some from The Sun on there. But they don't
seem to w*rk on my mobile. :(

Page 3 rss feed? :-D,,2006090056,00.html

Keep getting "No valid feed at this address" for all but a couple of
the beeb ones - news and sport.

Most probably they haven't bothered to update their links page. I'd
complain online to them. They'll fix it.

But do you really think footie teams like Burton Albion and even SUFS have
an rss feed?
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