Re: [gig reminder]Black Veil Mittelalter night - Monday 15th August

"Morph" <morph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Jozafeen wrote:
> >BitBat/trish verily stated:
> >
> >> well since you don't feature live music at Batfink it's not very
> >> likely that anyone would be waving any musical instruments around
> >> bavarian or otherwise. But are you seriously saying here that you
> >> outlaw the playing of cds featuring a hitlist of specific
> >> instruments? That seems a rather limiting and parochial approach to
> >> music!
> >As it's a financial risk I'd be taking personally I wouldn't be booking
> >Mittelalter bands because I don't like that sound, nor as a DJ would I
> >any of the CDs. It's only the same as BV having a policy of not playing
> >Kylie, Marilyn Manson or somesuch isn't it?
> Yes, but...
> Trish was looking at the statement about a specific instrument, you
> were looking at the genre. Slightly different.
> Not playing mittelalter stuff is one thing. Not playing anything with
> bagpipes... well, that covers Paul McCartney's "Mull of Kintyre" and
> dear old Korn as well. Just by way of example. Which may not be a bad
> thing (especially not in those two cases!) , but casts the net pretty
> wide.
> I mean, you wouldn't ban anything and everything with a violin in it,
> would you? Or cello? So why discriminate against the poor vilified
> bagpipes... :-)
> -Morph

I was also thinking about the wide range of percussion instruments too. At
the gig which started this thread Jost played a drum solo which was
absolutely amazing in it's musicality and range of pace and expression.
Surely anything that can be played to create a controllable noise is a
potential instrument in the hands of a musician of any genre?

And I really did enjoy the ~battle of the bagpipes~ in one of the last
numbers they performed. I just wish I'd got a photo but I was too busy
enjoying myself to bother so I don't know which types they were from the
list they play ...."German, French, Spanisch, Italian and Scottish



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