Re: is is all dead?

rikky filth:
> How can someone really be a "purist" on such an issue. To outsiders the
> differance between all these types of music are piddling verging on non
> existant.

I disagree.
I think *anybody* would find a major difference between, say, Arcana and
Suicide Commando.

To take a real-world example, I have a friend who listens to a variety of
mainstream music including indie, dance and even chart pop. He doesn't in
the least bit like goth music - I've known him for 30+ years and have
obviously played him a considerable amount of goth music in its various
forms, to no avail. However, I played him some EBM, and he was immediately
impressed and asked me to burn him a compilation.

If that doesn't indicate a basic difference between goth and EBM, as
perceived by an "outsider", then I don't know what would.

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