Weissman combi boiler

Anybody here got experience - good or bad - of Weissman boilers? I've
had mine 3 years and the number of times it has broken down is crazy.
It's pretty much the same fault every time - the mixture damper gets
wet from condensation and so it's sticky and won't open to allow the
exhaust gas to escape so the boiler automatically shuts down on safety
grounds. To fix it, dry off and sprinkle with talcum powder - but of
course it has to be a corgi engineer who does that and that takes time
to get them out.

The manufacturer says it's a known common fault - so why don't they do
something about it? This happens approx once every 3 months.

Not insured with the makers any longer. (Don't laugh at me too hard!)
got a Brutish Gas Homecare contract (I know, I know!) and they are
totally flummoxed by it. I have to have it written down for them now
so they can sort it out quickly. They still phone Weissman though!
Their info on the computers (BG I mean) is all wrong so they can't
work it out from there. It's been wrong for years and they don't put
it right. Last year at this time I was without heat or hot water for
*****3 months***** because BG had got it so wrong. They reckoned it
was something different altogether and had ordered wrong parts several
times but wouldn't contact manufactureres to sort that out - I did
that in the end! BG had ordered something or other from Germany that
Weissman engineers carry on their vans all the time.

Anyway huge saga but I am totally unimpressed with BG - but even
moreso with the dratted boiler. So back to my original question,
anybody else had problems and any tips for getting the makers to do
something to sort it out once and for all?