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Barry Ruck wrote:
kráftéé wrote:
Lordy.UK wrote:
I'm putting my money on either of 2 things....A DDoS on NTL,
or a major DNS screw-up at NTL

You've just lost some money then :)

Not neccesarily NTL Planned Service Outages are NTL speak for we've
cocked up & dunno when we are going to fix it

And I thought it was "We've cocked up and *don't know* how to fix
it !!!!!

Include If in there somewhere & you could be correct..

NTL the only ISP who takes it's news servers down for
servicing/upgrades & 3 years later they're still not working, one of
the reasons why I still think Plus Net isn't THAT bad...

Well their main News server is a lot better than it used to be, it seems to
work fine at least 95% of the time these days.

Back a few years ago when I first got NTL broadband though, the NTL news
server was so slow and unreliable it was almost completely unusable. I
switched to a free newservice in Berlin (I think a lot of NTL customers did)
until the "Free" German service started charging. Luckily though by the time
the Germans wanted my Credit card details. NTL's main news server had
improved quite substantially and seems to have improved even more as time
has gone on.

Of couse one thing about NTL is AFAIK they have 3 different News servers,,, and Not
sure if one or two may be aliases of the same server, but I do know is a separate server. Of course having had problems
with their main server in the past I subscribe to a mirror set of groups in
both New servers and usually find if NTLs main server is down which isn't
quite so frequent these days I can usually access Usenet through the other

Actually though the problems I had with NTL's news service and having to
look for alternatives did teach me a fair bit about the workings of Usenet
so wasn't entirely wasted :)