Advice needed For Auction

I go to a general sale auction that is roughly 100 miles away from me.
There are a wide variety of items and I tend to buy anything that I think I
can make a profit on.
The problem is I am unable to attend the preview which is the day earlier.
They have a catalogue but it has no pictures and just a brief description of
the item.

This makes buying certain items rather difficult.
Sometimes I see something that I think could be worth money but until I
check the Ebay sold section I can't get a price.
So I have to either buy it and take a chance or walk away from a possible

What I need is a way to download a list of some of the things sold recently
on Ebay.
I have a laptop that I can take with me but I can not connect to the
internet there.
I can not even connect to the internet using my phone either.

Does anyone have any ideas of a database that I can download onto my laptop?