Re: my new website - feedback required...

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Owen wrote:

I can't beleive it, I've actually found a UK based newsgroup for website

Anyway. I wondered if you would be so kind as to give me any comments /
feedback / criticism of my latest website. It's a personal site where I
will be showcasing my fiction writing.

The URL is

The domain name.


Umm, the domain name is ""

The URL is

If you want people to be critical of the site, make it easy for them -
post the username and password to log in. I for one are not going to email
you for a username/password.

You don't need a login to evaluate the site. All it gives you is access to
the full pieces of fiction and ability to comment on the stories.

Or do you mean emailing for a username/password is a bad idea generally?
Would a "signup" page be better? (Bearing in mind I am deliberately being
tight with the logins I hand out).

HTML will not validate. There is no character encoding (there have been
recent posts about this) or doctype.

I know the HTML doesn't validate and frankly I don't much care. It displays
fine in 3 separate browsers and I doubt any passing visitor will give a shit
what the HTML looks like. I used to make every effort to get it passed by
validators but nowadays I've come to realise that life is too short for

Instead of "WANT A LOGIN?" add the word "do" or "would you like a login?

Good point - thanks, I've changed this.

Not sure what you have done here.

Click "contact" or one of the other menus on the left, then "home" and you
have broken a broken link.

Ah, it was the 'Home' link that was the only broken one. Thanks for
pointing it out.

Oh, and buy another domain name. I made the mistake of having a long
domain name

- it really is a pain.

Normally I would agree with you on short domain names - especially for
commercial ventures. But this is a personal / hobby site and the name is
*deliberately* long, as a tongue-in-cheek sort of thing. You have to look
really hard to see what the hell it says.