Re: Amend charter of uk.rec.cycling.moderated

On 07/04/2011 09:23, Tony Raven wrote:
Tony<tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You say 'dictate moderation', I say, 'show concern about moderation
policy and its fair application'.

Either way, the FAQ says how it's moderated is up to the users of the group
and no-one else. And the "concern shown" by Committee members is it should
be run differently from how the users want it.

I see users of the group posting their concerns. I'll also point out, the moderated news group FAQ I believe your quoting was last changed in 1997, and it's a FAQ, not a hierarchy management document.

Anyone who uses the uk.* hierarchy is welcome to take part in the overall
management of that hierarchy. Some people believe that a badly moderated
group (if they believe the group is badly moderated) reflects badly on the whole hierarchy.

But non-democratic illiberal intervention nevertheless against the wishes
of the majority of users of the group.

As others have pointed out, it may not actually be possible to say that without a vote. The previous vote (in which several committee members voted for creation of the group) led to a charter and moderation policy which not everyone believes is being followed in the way it was assumed it would be. I see people who use the group saying that.

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