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Here's me on the trig point

You seem a little over-dressed for a three-foot tall lump of concrete.

So how should a three-foot tall lump of concrete be dressed?

<clicks on "next" link>

Ah.... :-)

Well done on the weight loss, I'm sure you have a lot more energy and
feel generally a lot healthier too.


I have a target as well - it's 14 stone 4. One and a half stone to go,
but it's not going to be easy since I am shifting a lot of weights in
the gym currently, and starting to bulk up that way. Perhaps I should
aim for a body fat percentage rather than weight.

How tall are you? And what build? The simplistic figures a lot of
doctors use tend not to take build into account.

Paul (who massively empathises with the chocolate issue).

I can live without chocolate. I don't necessarily like it, but I can.

Chris C