Re: Removal of moderated news groups. Advice please. Re: <uk.local.yorkshire.moderated>

In MsgID<4dnr1nF1abv3bU1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> within, 'kat'

[NTL news server message count]

now showing zero, but I've never seen a negative before!

Anyone know what is(not) going on there?

According to NIN earlier today, only 60 articles. (I have the output
an NNTP LIST here.)

You can get negatives when a server is restarted, and that can confuse
some newsreader software.

I closed it down last night and restarted it just now and it's now showing
one message only, and I got that. So it looks lke it cleared itself out and
drew a line..

Hey, I didn't know you were into hacking, or are you an NTL admin on the

Dave J.