Kefir Water

Keifer water for your sons and daughters so they don't grow up in pain,
Upset tummies are not funny, blood out the backside solid or runny
requires more than a spoonful of yummy
honey to be totally free from blame.

Neutriants in healing bacteria can keep all around us from fleeing hysteria.
Every cancer cut accentuated rotting tear,
could have been avoided had a strong repair system been there.
Crystals can carry on the battle.
Mending mayhen returning ring from the rattle.
Fruity fizzy, Inlove with life, serious not dizzy.
Meditations , contemplation, on what can safen action stations

Movements fast in any direction,
need a little help, gentle correction.
Men and women not born perfect,
can change their lives to make them worth it.

Healthy immune system is what it's all about,
best path, choose route.
See it, hear, sniff with your snout
right above wrong weighs heavily with clout.

Here above is a link to easy to read flute or fife music.

Hi Above is the Recorder, Guitar and Flute Sheet music to Kefir Water
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Christ's love