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I think nostalgia has a large part to play in this.

It has to be a factor.

For every Hendrix there was a Whistling Jack Smith.

In fact, several.

There was some right crap about then - and in the 70s, 80s, 90s and
the current decade.

What I find tends to obscure matters is that 95% - possibly more - of
the stuff we tend to treasure amongst our memories and shared
experiences was never meant to be taken that seriously or last so

Much that we see as iconic and evocative of a certain era was simply
disposable entertainment, designed to relieve a certain section of the
public of its money.

Nothing at all wrong with that - popular culture from Hendrix to Bond
to Blyton is as valid as any other.

Hendrix was passionate about his music and surely he was an artist. I
appreciate there'll be examples of his work which appear less so, but
generally speaking I think that's fair.

Lots of us, I suspect yourself included, are passionate about listening
to his work - so if the majority of people say, its not serious, it was
only ever pop culture, if that's a problem, its their problem, not mine.

However, there seems to be a lot of intent today to make films, TV,
music, etc have lasting significance and become iconic instantly -
without the filtering action of the passing years.

Yes, I see that.

Consequently the hype often dwarfs the inherent merits of whatever is
being promoted.

I also think that marketing has only got stronger and more organised as
time has passed. "The man" doesn't want hugely successful and powerful
artists dictating their output if he can realise the same revenue levels
with a series of cute-looking hair-styles that can be trained to dance and
are instantly disposable as fashion dictates.

Hence - Thunderbirds the original TV series is iconic, even though
it's still crap.

Now Steve, that's just plain wrong. Thunderbirds was brilliant then, and
is brilliant now. On every bloody level! Please - just leave it! :)

But, Thunderbirds the film is a pile of festering poo that should
never have been shat out in the name of entertainment in the first

I've not seen more than a clip or two, but I suspect you are absolutely

Thanks for the Patrick McGoohan IMDB link - now I'm going to have to sit
through the Dambusters again. :)

All the best,
Angus Manwaring. (for e-mail remove ANTISPEM)

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