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Indeed. Although I don't really find the strat attractive, but the tele
is.. I don't know, *purposely* ugly.

I wouldn't describe the Tele as "ugly"! The styling is in the "Modernist"
vein that was popular in the '40s. Think '30s/'40s architecture, Westinghouse
refrigerators, Airstream caravans etc. Speaking with my artist's hat on, I
think it's an excellent example of good industrial design.

It is a good design, I am not doubting that. It is a purposeful shape,
i just find it ugly (but yes, very indicative of its time).

Take, for example,
the shape of the scratchplate with a mix of straight edges and curves and the
way the bridge and contol plate *just* cut into the straight back edge.
The work of a real designer - I don't know who, but Leo's original was much
cruder in concept, artistically.

Do you have a picture of that? i cant see anything on the web at a brief

My '74 Tele looks newer than many of the new ones - I look after it!
Been playing jazz on it lately, just to show it's versatility :-)

What a cruel thing to do to a guitar!

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