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Please email me at damanglementATgmailDOTcom with a blank email
putting ROOM and then the names of all attendees in your party IN THE

I would like this done by next Monday please - 8th October.

Is this again, or just people who haven't done it yet?

Again, I'm afraid - various domestic, computing and other disasters
have rendered my organsational affairs fecked.


Could I suggest that you also register on Steve Dix's registration site at
the same time if you haven't done so already?
You'll need to enter your email address thereon and think up a password for

Good call, George. I'd have added that myself if not for the various
fecked things outlined above.

Ta :)

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Ive done all of the above Steve. Personally I think there will be
plenty there. There are far more than ten already on the reg form. I
would think it will be more like 30+ tbh

Ian R