Re: Scary prices from the loft of doom...

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no66y© <bou...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
$33k for a guitar??
thats obscene, regardless of what its modeled on. I mean, I'd be to scared
to play the damn thing.

quick google shows these at a mere $8k

Ah, I'll have 2 please.

Yes. there are two lots. The $33k one and its 24 friends, and the 250
$10K ones, which dont have the aging or the signatures.
Or so Adrians magazine says, so I believe it.

I personally would love one, although I would prefer the white one, with
the proper tailpiece, rather than the 70s reissue with the little piece
of metal at the end that is hard to get strings for.

In fact, like this one:

ok, it still has the silly little piece of metal but it is much closer
to the bridge, so the strings are shorter.
Only £2482 if you don't mind not having Jimmy page scrawling on it!


Did somebody mention Jimi Page ? , because 2007 will see his new solo
album released !