Owing to a glitch with my Promise TV I was recently exposed to something I had never seen
before for a long time: ads on commercial TV. Bloody hell the world's gone mad, brimming with
liars, cheats, and scam merchants by the thousand holding sway over an entire industry. So
many that honesty and integrity have become the norm in an industry with Ofcom's dead hand of
Thatcherism on the tiller.

The biggest scams are now operated by assurance companies all crowding into TVs prime crime
slots aimed at the gullible and trailer park rubbish.
This scam is never given its proper name - term life assurance. Call a racket by its proper
name 'term life assurance' and the punters will melt away. Much better to use a well-known
face to front their conniving scams. Someone the gullible would never think of as being
involved in cheating. Someone like Parky or the lady who played Mrs Meldrew in OFITG. Faces
perceived as being 'regular' guys.

V and L have been so successful at selling dodgy life assurance scams that dozens of corrupt
life assurance salesmen companies have seen the scam as a neat bonus protection scheme and
have scrambled for a slice of the cake. TV ads are now crawling with 'regular guys' promising
cheap made in China pens to the unwary.

Back in the 1960s the actor, Alasiter Sim won his passing off case against a baked bean
company. Their pretend Mr Sim was deemed illegal. Today the suits couldn't get Morgan Freeman
to front their ads so they invented their own complete with a hardly noticeable pronunciation
name change.

No broadband supplier has ever given a true price for the monthly cost of their packages. You
might as well try to get the cost of an air ticket out of Ryan Air.
Dishonesty in the Often Conned world is always the best policy.


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