Sandra Bullock FBI Donaldli Ingalls

I need Sandy Bullock she is my Button..GOOGLE US : SANDRA ANNETTE
BULLOCK DONALDLI MARK INGALLS okay?okay?okay?Love is the Answer!

RE: Sandy Bullock & Donaldli Ingalls Thursday, April 26, 2007 5:02 AM
From: "Lampinski, Megan M." <Megan.Lampinski@xxxxxxxxxx >
To: "Thomas Clifford" <macroman1999@xxxxxxxxx>

Thank you for your contact to the FBI Philadelphia.

Based on the information you provided, there does not seem to be an
FBI nexus. Please contact the authorities in Austin for further

Good luck.
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Sent: Thu 4/26/2007 6:44 AM

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Subject: Sandy Bullock & Donaldli Ingalls

I want to talk to Sandy now!

The FBI does not offer to anyone to CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES unless
that person really does have a relationship with said
person....IE..Sandra Annette Bullock and Donaldli Mark Ingalls

Thank you very much.

Someone yell/tell/call/contact/get a hold of/ my Sandy
as it seems we are both having trouble getting a hold
of each other.

Everyone knows this is the truth. Everyone would and will most likely
be happy for Sandy and Me if someone (And would someone please bring
us together) were to bring us together...

Donaldli Mark Ingalls
Nobody could do what I have done on the internet
and have this be a lie. No one would be that stupid
for one thing. And no one would be stupid enough
to do something like this with it being a lie and
run the risk of going to jail for a year or more
by being so freaking delusional. I actually have
sent 50,000 emails privately and been sending public
posts for the last 5 months solidly and quite a few
hundred 6-7 years ago.