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Over the past few days, I've been playing with Ubuntu (again).
I used the 'Live Disc' option, to avoid a long install, but couldn't
get my
wireless connection working (*). So, I thought I'd install it
properly, and
see if that made a difference; it didn't. So I uninstalled it again,
but then couldn't boot WXP - I'd get the first Windows screen followed
by a dead
stop, and an error message to the effect that 'I can't find grub'.

The GRUB error is far too common with Ubuntu, it's by far the least
Linux I've ever used, but a lot quicker to set up than most.

But it was a grub error with windows, after removing Ubuntu.

That's because Ubuntu doesn't do a clean uninstall, it leaves the MBR
buggered, with Red Hat it used to be possible to uninstall but keep the
boot loader (quite handy as it was a good one when if like me you had 4
OSs on the one PC depending on what you needed.

Have you got a boot floppy with FDISK on it? The undocumented option
may well lay down a standard Windows MBR for you to boot from. so sending
GRUB (stands for Grand Unified Boot apparently) crawling back where it came

(I use SuSE v9 myself, no probs.)
ξ:) Proud to be curly

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