Old NTL query

Strange request, and I don't know where else to ask it. NTL forums appear to be dead and buried apart from an odd test or two!

Does anyone know what NTL charged for their services back in 2005? I'm doing an audit on someone's expenses going back 15 years, and items marked "Rental & Other Charges" keep cropping up from 2004 onwards. The amount involved at the end of 2005 was £39.00 a month + £6.83 VAT, giving a bill total of £45.83 a month. No mention of call charges. It is possibly a Business Account, but I can't be sure. What was supplied for £39 a month back in those days? I've found reference to telephone, free calls, broadband and TV including Sports but excluding Films costing £30.00 (ex VAT) a month during that period. I would really appreciate some body being able to confirm what £39 covered, with a possible web reference too.

Thanks folks.